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How to change your user name on windows 10

How to change your user name on windows 10 The best operating system is windows. Most of the general people use it. Now 1.5 billion people around the world using windows. Windows 10 is a great operating system. It has fantastic features, and it is also user-friendly. Currently, day-by-day it is updating. The current look of windows 10 is excellent. Today's post is about how to change the user name on windows 10.

First of all, we need to know what a username is? Username is the name of a windows user. Windows create a directory for the user and the programs installed by the user always separated. With the username, you can log in into your windows pc. So it is essential. Sometimes we need to change the username for our security purpose or other reasons.

Today we will learn how we can change our username on windows pc. It is a straightforward trick. Username changing in Windows 10 is really very easy than others. First of all, we need to log into our computer. Then we need to go to…
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Grammarly premium accounts giveaway for free.

Grammarly premium accounts giveaway for free. Grammarly is a software that can check you writing mistakes such a grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and it will help you to make your writings beautiful, clean and easy to read. It is excellent software. It has a free version with limited access and a paid version with full features access. It costs $11.66 per month (Annually). Today I will give you my premium account for free.
You can use Grammarly in most of your web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari. You can also use Grammarly in your smartphone you can use one Grammarly account every device. In smartphones, you need to install the Grammarly keyboard. Then you can use it in your phone. Click here to install the Grammarly Keyboard on Your smartphone, Google Play - App Store (Apple).

To use Grammarly in the web browser you need to install an extension click here to download extensions, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge. Now four web browsers support Grammarly. You can also do…

Earn money online only by sleeping

Earn money online only by sleeping Hi everybody, how are you all? This post is about how to earn money only by sleeping, Oh yeah, really.  Do you think this is a fake post? Not really. It's a real post. You know many peoples are earning money only by sleeping like these peoples Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Bernard Arnault, Carlos Slim, Amancio Ortega, Larry EllisonMark Zuckerberg, Michael Bloomberg, Larry Page and many more. If you don't know these persons just click on their names and you will get the details.
I think some people might guess what I will talk in this post. If you wanna make money only by sleeping, then you must work hard when you don't sleep. Now the word is smart, so think smartly. There are many ways to earn money online. I'm here just talking about passive incomes you can do online. I hope you know what is passive income. Passive profits mean you create some services, like writing digital books or making video lessons. So when you are …

Everything About Android 10

Everything about android 10 Google has announced the next android, 10 or "Q." The most import thing is, its name is not like a dessert same like other android versions. The first android was announced with the name "Android 1.0". After that, every android version named like a desert. I think maybe the cause is Google couldn't find a suitable dessert name.
Some day ago, Android got a new logo also with a new font style of name. They have changed the Android logo color from light-green to dark-green. They bring down the eyes of android. The name of Android has no change but just a font style. Check these particular vide bellow:

This version of android has some smart features like privacy first, sharing shortcuts, dark theme, live caption, parental controls, gesture navigation, foldable screen support, bubbles, depth information from photos and much more. Its a great Mobile os than others. Because of its modern and user-friendly feature. The family of Android use…

Microsoft Paint Maybe never find in windows 10 in recent years

Windows default program Microsoft Paint Maybe never find in windows 10 in recent years. With the Windows operating system, we have a default photo editing software name Microsoft Paint or Paint. This is a tool of essential photo editing tools. You can find some drawing brushes, text editor, color picker, and other necessary tools.
With these tools, anyone can do some simple designs. This software comes with windows from the past 34 years. But Microsoft is planning to throw it out from Windows operating system. In windows 10 we can find Paint 3D it's a new version of paint software.
Maybe they are thinking to develop Paint 3D instead of old Paint software. Microsoft Paint was introduced in 1985 now it has passed more than 34 years. Microsoft has introduced a new paint software with 3D functionalities. It is the new future of Paint software. But with the old pain software, someone can also do some creative design as this video shows:

It's a great tool if you can use it correctl…

Make money by blogging without investment

Make money by blogging without investment. Everyone wants money; it's the fuel of the earth to live. Now the people of the digital world wants to make money digitally. Blogging is a digital way to earn money from the web. Without investment, there is much more way, but I prefer you to use Blogger to start a free blog.
If you already selected your blog topic. Then you need to think about the domain. The issue related domain is best to use. If you don't choose your item, then first select your blogging topic. For selecting a topic, you can think about your knowledge. Which topic you have your experience more. Think about if you need to write 5 to 6 books on that topic. If you can, then go ahead with that topic.
Select a domain name like if your topic is Football your domain maybe Maybe I'm jooking, I don't know. Perhaps It's a strange name. You can find a better domain name than me. I have hope for you. I think it's not a hard thing to s…

How to make a website with zero money.

How to make a website with zero money. Now the world is digital, everything going to be digitalized. Internet or web is a part of this digitalization. Now everyone wants to have a website on the web. This post is about how to make a website for free of cost. To make a website, we need a domain name and hosting. There are paid and free domain and hosting on the web. If you have some money, you should buy a paid domain and host. But if you don't have the money, you can have a website. In this case, you need to have free hosting and domain. On the web, you can find, free domain and hosting providers. You can select any of them.
Fo selecting best free hosting providers follow this link: HERE.
First of all, you need to create an account on their website with their provided subdomain name. You can change your domain name later.
After creating an account, you need to decide what CMS(content management system) you want to use there are many CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. To sel…